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"Stepping into this intimate setting with Courtney will give you the chance to fully identify every block you have with your business—and she'll be there by your side with compassion and a massive amount of clear insight to help you actively move through each block! This experience over delivered in so many ways; I was blown away by the sheer amount of valuable information, worksheets and guides Courtney had created to help me build my business. I walked into this container SO stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted—12 weeks later, I've built a business strategy, an 8-week course, and am more confident than I've ever felt in my life. I'm so grateful to Courtney and this incredible journey!"

- Sam, Intuitive Guide & Author 

I understand how not knowing the right steps to take when you start your online business leads to frustration, overwhelm and comparison. That's why I provide my clients with clear actionable steps guaranteed to grow and scale their online businesses with ease and confidence.

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High level coaching container designed for entrepreneurs who want to monetize off their own expertise.

This container will meet your individual needs and provide support by filling in the gaps to elevate you to the next level. 

  • 1:1 Support
  • Customized Solutions
  • Sessions Conducted via Zoom
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Foundations, a supportive,  comprehensive 8-week hybrid group course designed to help beginner/intermediate coaches.

This container will provide you the right tools and strategies so you can make more money and have more impact.

  • Community of High Minded Women
  • Pre-recorded Modules
  • Scripts, Templates, Worksheets
  • Live sessions Conducted via Zoom 
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Insta-Intensives are 90 minute laser coaching sessions, together we deep dive into a topic of your choosing. 

  • 1:1 Support
  • Instagram Audit 
  • Bio Optimization
  • My Signature ebook Become a Content Queen!
  • Sessions Conducted via Zoom

Client Experience

Lilia Gestson, Empowerment Coach

"I filled out my first ever program which I am in love with and had 2 successful launches that brought in clients. I am generating revenue and feeling inspired as I work with clients. I am no longer waiting for something to stick, but have found it. I have become an official business owner not just a hobbyist that was trying really hard!" 

Sarah Scott-Posey, Instagram Strategist & SMM

"If you have a business that you LOVE but are struggling to share the value of without feeling "sales-y", you need to work with Coach Courtney. She helped me secure more clients than ever and is a transformational yet down-to-earth coach that truly wants to see, and help you, succeed."

Lyndie Putnam, Holistic Life Coach

"I have gained so much more confidence and clarity in my business and as an authority figure in my field. Huge growth in everything overall! From start to finish there has been a big mindset shift going from seeing myself as an inexperienced beginner to becoming a confident authority figure over my business."

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Courtney Kimble, Transformative Business Coach & Mentor

I’m Courtney... Strategist, Social Selling Expert and Queen of all things INSTA.

When it comes to creating a business online - I know what works. I save entrepreneurs time and frustration from trying to DIY their business all alone.

I've help women create dream businesses online with my step-by-step business building framework. I'm a Social Selling Expert with a degree in psychology. I understand buying behavior and teach my clients how to apply sales psychology principles to better understand their audiences wants, needs, & desires- AKA make money in their biz and have more impact in the space.

I’m obsessed with what I do. Nothing sets my soul on fire more than empowering women through entrepreneurship.

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The questions I'll help you answer:

“How do I identify who my ideal client is?”

“How do I attract my ideal client to my digital door step?”

“How do I sell without the fear and icky hangover?”

“How do I make consistent sales?”

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